Team Building Event Venue in the Cocoa Beach, Florida Area

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIs it your turn to create the scenario for assessing the next group of prospects for management trainees? When you consider how much time, effort and money a corporation or agency puts into grooming upper level staff, it’s no wonder you want to select the best people. Why not evaluate your prospective candidates with a team building event venue in Cocoa Beach, Florida?

It’s never certain where junior management will be assigned. One new selection could end up under your tutelage! It makes sense, then, to view everyone in a group activity. All those in senior management categories can watch the contenders in a neutral world where competition is not only fun, but not blatant.

There are several locations suitable for a team building event venue in Cocoa Beach, Florida. For this particular assignment, it’s important to have an area where people are relaxed and comfortable. The ideal location is aboard Victory’s early afternoon Atlantic Ocean cruise. Everyone will meet at the port, allowing an evaluation of time management and courtesy.

Normally you would set up a room aboard ship for an introductory meeting. Instead, greet everyone at the dock and thank them for their efforts on behalf of the company. An informal review to see how the prospects work in a neutral setting, it presents the opportunity to reward them with a cruise while presenting challenges requiring teamwork in order to be conquered.

Seating choices during lunch to conveyed attitudes when winning or losing at various gaming activities demonstrate the real person within the candidate. The reward is the break from the everyday routine at work and pleasure of seeing an effective team in the form of VCC personnel.

Start planning this activity early by contacting the group sales team at Victory Casino Cruises. Discuss your objectives. A representative will offer suggestions and go over pricing for your team building event venue in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Call today to get this affair kicked off successfully by dialing 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


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