Awesome! What a great experience! From the slots to the outside deck and lets not forget the friendliness of the staff….a great time! I can honestly say I never win in the casino, but I did on the Victory!

Pat Galanis

New Casino
Went on the new boat that was the old sun cruz and now the new Victory Casino. It was a blast and the machines were great. So glad that they have a new place to go since the Sterling has left. The ship was very clean and staff was great. We look forward to going on there once a month or more. And we drive from Tampa to get there. Wish ya the best of luck and see ya next week.


Crimson fever
My wife and I loved the Sterling until the VICTORY!! We just love that there is a ship so close to Orlando Good Luck. Victory!


Great Time
This boat was fantastic. The dealers were the friendliest I’ve ever seen, and they brought me very good luck. I can’t wait to go back and WIN again.

Mufasa Thedog

Was nice meeting some of the staff today (6/4/11) at the Port Canaveral Hot Rod Car Show. Ship, from the outside, looks great. New paint, clean and fresh. Look forward to going out on her.

Dave Kimmey

Love this ship
Just got a sneak peek of the ship. Looks brand new, amazing and clean! Looking forward to seeing her sail!

Mike Carson


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