New Member Benefits

Here’s the perfect place to start! Join Victory’s Players Club — and win FREE play and other fantastic rewards!

Before you begin play, you want to join our Players Club by signing up for a free Victory Card.  Why? Because you can earn points while you play, redeemable on food, drinks, boarding passes, gifts and free games. The Victory Players Club is richer and more rewarding than any other casino in the state. It’s also the only Players Club program in Florida that allows you to convert points into free play.  

Victory Card Benefits for New Members

  • Free membership sign-in
  • Free drinks while gaming
  • Point redemption for boarding, meals, etc.
  • Point redemption for gift shop items
  • Point redemption for tournaments and events
  • Participation in promotions
  • Monthly offers and discounts sent to you


Where can I get a Victory Card?
Visit one of our two Players Club Desks — on Deck 3 and the forward area of Deck 2. Signing up for your Victory Card is easy and quick! Just make sure you provide your email address if you would like to receive regular special offers and discounts

Once I get my Card, how do I use it?
It’s easy! There are card readers on all slots and electronic games. Insert your Card into the reader and LEAVE IT THERE. When you want to change slots or games, simply remove your Card and move to the next location.

How do I use the Victory Card at LIVE gaming tables?
Simply present your Card to a supervisor when you begin to play.

How are points earned?
Points are earned based on your monetary play on every table or slot.

How do I redeem my points?
You can redeem points directly on slot machines. At the gaming tables, a host or supervisor near your table will remove the points from your Card and give you match-play coupons.

Can I use my Victory Card to buy food and drinks?
Yes. The bartender or hostess will swipe your Card and deduct points from your balance.


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