Take a Friend to a Vegas Style Gambling Casino Close to Titusville, Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIf you have been looking for someplace special to take a good friend or relative the Vegas style gambling casino close to Titusville, Florida is a great choice. It is a pleasant drive to Cape Canaveral and Victory Casino Cruises. You can drive to the port, park and walk to the boarding area. Another option is to park in a common location and schedule the Victory shuttle to pick up you and your guest and take you right to the dock.

There are two departures every day. Each takes about five hours. That is part of what makes this adventure so much fun. If your friend has never experienced the fanfare when a cruise ship heads out to sea, there is a lot of excitement in store during the departure. Cheering, waving and anticipation for a brief jaunt on the Atlantic add to the thrill of this special treat.

By the way, this trip to the Vegas style gambling casino close to Titusville, Florida is totally affordable. The boarding pass costs less than a typical movie at the theater. Bring along some cash to play your favorite slot and video poker machines. The morning cruise features bingo if that’s a game you like to play. The blackout usually has a great payout and the suspense of waiting for that one magic number will make you hold your breath.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been to a casino, you’ll be impressed with the changes to the slot machines. Gone are the simple rows of fruit, bars and numbers that you once lined up for pay. Now you have interactive games, multiple paylines and full color displays. Instead of dropping coins in to the machine to play, insert bills from $1 to $100 and use the credits. Hit the cashout button when you’re ready to move on and you will get a ticket showing how much money you’re owed.

Booking your reservations in advance guarantees your passage on VCC’s incredible Vegas style gambling casino located near Titusville, Florida. Contact us today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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