Get in on the Best Casino Action in Central Florida aboard Victory Casino Cruises

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIs there an easy way to tell if you’re visiting the best casino in Central Florida? If you know you will see the golden Florida sunset from the deck of the casino, you can be confident you’re sailing on the best casino in the state! Every casino offers some type of gaming, but Victory Casino Cruises goes beyond the boundaries of conventional and makes the trip exceptional.

It is easy to make reservations for a boarding pass on this passenger cruise ship that departs Cape Canaveral twice a day. A phone call and credit card number does the trick. The boarding pass and valid government ID showing you are at least 18 gets you on board. Food and beverages are available at a fair price. The professional entertainment on each cruise is varied so return passengers don’t see the same performance over and over again.

Passengers quickly discover the myriad of exciting activities presented by the best casino in Central Florida. The SportsBook features a number of flatscreen color televisions hung around the area to make it convenient to watch the professional sports coverage of your choice. Choose Victory’s early afternoon sailing if you want to play Bingo.

Once the ship crosses the virtual line separating Florida and International waters on the Atlantic, gaming can start. What a lineup for any casino! There are more than 600 video poker and slot machines. The electronic operation provides full color screens with interactive bonuses. Carrying a bucket of coins is part of the past. Credits build up in the machine until the player is ready to move. A push of the button prints a ticket for the cash value. Use it in another machine or turn it in for cash at the cage.

If you’ve been anxious to play some live poker and find out more about the strategy and hints for winning the game, Victory is the place to play. Friendly employees and happy passengers are indications that you are on the best casino in Central Florida. Each departure fills quickly, so reserve the date and time today by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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