Florida’s and Best Newest Casino

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsVisiting Florida for the first time? New to the neighborhood? There are many reasons to be in this part of the state today. Weather certainly plays a big part in activities like golf and hiking. Butterfly gardens and zoos are always fun to visit. Why not do something different, though, and visit Florida’s newest casino?

Many people think of a casino as an evening or late night activity. It is a pleasant surprise to find out they are also open during the day. Victory Casino Cruises is a result of putting favorite activities together in one package and making it available twice daily.

Sharing a meal is always fun. You’ll find food available in several locations on board, with a delightful group to join you. Sightseeing is a favorite pastime. Imagine the delight of cruising the Atlantic to get an entirely different view of the area! Wave hi to those sailing by on other ships.

What’s a casino without gaming? Of course there are slot machines! You’ll find many of the favorites you play at landlocked casinos and online at Florida’s newest casino. Table games are more laid back on this ocean adventure. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask specific questions about the game, and enjoy learning from skilled dealers. Texas Hold ‘Em is definitely more fun when your own skill includes strategy as well as bluffing.

Not only is the 5-hour Victory cruise affordable, the sailing times are exceptionally convenient. There is a cruise leaving late in the morning and afternoon seven days a week. Bingo is offered on most morning cruises, while evenings feature a formal meal, Karaoke, and dancing. The sports book televisions feature the games of the day. Place a bet on the outcome and join other fans as they cheer their team to victory!

This cruise is one local activity you will want to do often! Check your calendar and book your reservations today for Florida’s newest casino at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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