Florida has a Vegas Style Casino near Merritt Island

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThere are some incredible places to visit during your visit to Florida. A Vegas style casino near Merritt Island covers those hours when you’re looking for a friendly group of people, an open bar and some exciting gaming. Another adventure is the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Over 140,000 acres of protected wildlife and terrain offers something to everyone.

The Canaveral National Seashore and its stellar beach are included in this bevy of fresh and salt water marshes and grassy plains. The Cruickshank Trail is just one of the great walking trails that also provides fantastic sights for bird watching. The Florida Scrub Jay and Bald Eagle are just two of the 310 bird species found in the refuge. Please use caution, however, as undomesticated animals such as the Florida panther, bobcats and wild boars inhabit the area.

Of course, there is nothing quite that wild on board Victory Casino Cruises. This Vegas style casino, based in Cape Canaveral, is just a few minutes away from Merritt Island. The Victory has both an early and late afternoon cruise. Sit outside or stand at the rail and watch for sea turtles and dolphins.

Passengers also enjoy the opportunity to chat with old and new friends. You’ll see people working on a portable craft project, such as crocheting, or reading a book. Relax to your heart’s content while sailing to international waters. Once there, select your favorite style type of gambling. Similar to the establishments in Vegas, the slot machines are multidenominational. You’ll find slots with progressive jackpots. Passengers have a choice of live or video poker action.

There’s always some type of entertainment on board, as well as delicious food. Several bars assure that passengers receive their favorite drinks and libations. Employees, staff and crew of VCC want you to enjoy your voyage on this floating Vegas style casino near Merritt Island, Florida. Set up reservations in advance by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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