Discover the Fun of Vegas Style Gambling near Orlando

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThe glittery appeal of the Las Vegas landscape is a delight to see. Certain buildings are miniature replicas of landmarks from around the world. The neon lights are so original and intriguing! When it comes to gaming, however, other businesses have copied that original version. Now you can discover the fun of Vegas style gambling near Orlando, Florida.

If you are an early bird, think about great things to do during the late morning and early afternoon hours. Catching a matinee showing of a 3-D movie you’ve been dying to see is always a fantastic option for spending some time. Taking a cruise, though, might be something you’ve crossed off your list because you are operating on a limited schedule of free time. There’s a resolution to this and its name is Victory Casino Cruises.

Imagine a Florida visit that produces Vegas style gambling near enough to Orlando that it doesn’t involve a long trip to arrive at your destination. Under normal driving conditions, it takes about 55 minutes to drive from Orlando to Cape Canaveral, and a short time from there to the port. Sandwiches, salads and a delicious sit-down lunch are available if you are hungry. There’s a lot of fun to be found on the early afternoon casino cruise.

The excitement of going on any cruise is contagious. You will find an enthusiastic group waiting to board. Repeat passengers generally love to share their stories about their excursions aboard the Victory. Some may even point out the slot machine that delivered their last jackpot or even introduce you to their favorite Texas Hold ‘Em dealer.

You might notice passengers heading over to play the Bingo session. Go ahead and join them! There will still be plenty of time to spin some reels, try out the video poker machines and enjoy looking around the ship. This 5-hour cruise adds to the experience of this Vegas style gambling near Orlando. Book your reservation early so you get the departure you want by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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