10 Best Things About Victory Casino in Florida

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#1. Singles like to Mingle. Lady Luck not looking kindly on you tonight? You may have better luck with the lady at the craps table.

#2: Tasty Treats. The food here is always top-notch, with something to please everyone’s palate. With five-star chefs on board every night, you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

#3. Proximity to the Best Place on Earth. From Disney to Universal Studios and everything in between, an Orlando cruise makes it easy for you to make a full vacation out of your stay.

#4. Getting Away From it All. It can get pretty tiring to be around high rises and highways all day long. Take a break and have some fun on a floating oasis.

#5. Privacy with your Special Someone. Forget about your hectic home life and home on board a casino cruise for some uninterrupted “you” time. Enjoy a dinner for two where you can both actually finish a complete thought.

#6. No pressure. The pros head to Vegas, amateurs head to the fun places — Victory Casino Cruises!

#7. Let out Your Inner Dancer. If you never thought you’d get a chance to show off your Cha-Cha moves, think again. With a spacious ballroom, you can let loose with your renditions of the Waltz, the Tango, the Two-Step, or dare we say it — Salsa!

#8. Variety is the Spice of Life. Slot machines…craps…Blackjack…digital poker…the biggest decision you’ll have to make here is which game to plant yourself at.

#9. Free Drinks. Need we say more? As long as you’re gambling the drinks are on the house.

#10. FUN! Victory Casino Cruises has a wide variety of events going on every single day. From Guest DJs and musicians to Blackjack and Poker Tournaments, you won’t have time to be bored.


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