Win Big and Cash in on the Excitement at Florida’s Best Casino

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsYou have probably seen the huge billboards along the highway displaying the excitement at Florida’s best casino. The first thing that catches the eye is usually the picture of a ship cruising the deep blue waters of the Atlantic after it leaves the port at Cape Canaveral. The beautiful 4-deck ship is the gaming cruise ship Victory, flagship of Victory Casino Cruises.

Have you been procrastinating making a decision to take a cruise? This one only takes five hours, give or take a few minutes. Up to 1200 passengers aged 18 and over sail on each of the two daily departures seven days a week because it is fun and offers so much to do. More than a tourist attraction, Victory is an inexpensive opportunity for locals to get away and enjoy the day or evening.

What are some of the things Florida’s best casino should deliver to its patrons? The opportunity to win big is definitely on the list, and it’s covered. Progressive jackpots on the slots and video poker machines are randomly awarded. Baccarat, roulette, and craps are recognized as table games with the opportunity to walk away with far more in your pocket than you had when walking through the door.

The opportunity to order fresh tasty food piques interest. Victory’s Mandarin chicken salad is one example of how the chefs meet expectations. Enjoy a masterpiece of cran-raisins, toasted almonds, Mandarin oranges, pieces of grilled chicken, and the impeccable flavor of sesame ginger dressing.

The cruise to the Atlantic’s international waters is one of the reasons Victory has gained its reputation a Florida’s best casino. That is something no landlocked casino can do. Passengers relax on the open deck, sipping a drink while leaning against the rail looking for dolphins or manatees. Great scenery, food, drinks, and gaming are waiting for you, as well. Book your reservation today by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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