Monday’s cruises were bright and sunny days.  The waves were 1-2 feet and the winds died out to nothing by the end of the day cruise.  The night cruise was glassy calm.
I am on board early this morning.  Watched the sunrise over the bow.  Beautiful Florida morning!  The sea is glassy calm.  Light southerly winds predicted today…will be a great day to cruise with waves 1-2 feet.
Did You Know:  In light of world events…..Did you know that under the US Flag on a daytime only passenger vessel like the Victory 1.  We are required to have an Unlimited tonnage licensed Master and a licensed First Mate at all times while passengers are on board.  Both are licensed by the USCG and re-examined every 5 years. In addition to the License they are required to have a portfolio of certified training courses such as Crisis Management, Crowd control, emergency evacuation just to name a few.   We also are required to have a licensed Pilot on board when leaving or entering port.  Our Captains also hold this license.
Capt Tim