The Only Legal Sports Betting near Melbourne is on Victory Casino Cruises in Cape Canaveral

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsSometimes the outcome of an upcoming sporting event seems so clear. It may not always be the popular expectation, but something about the time of the game or the location convinces you that a big upset is in store. This is the time when you wish there was legal sports betting near Melbourne, Florida. Good news!

The time has arrived, thanks to Victory Casino Cruises in Cape Canaveral.

Placing your bet ahead of time eliminates the problem of getting shut out because time’s run out. The maximum 1200 passengers that sail aboard each of Victory I’s 5-hour Atlantic cruises could be waiting till the last minute to put money with their feeling. What’s not to like about going out to sea for a short time to enjoy the entertainment and perhaps watch another sporting event that is brought in by satellite?

Just watching professional sports from Florida alone can keep a fan’s time occupied. Now imagine being onboard a 4-deck cruise ship with a large area dedicated to walls of flatscreen televisions showing a vast assortment of football, baseball, basketball and other simulcast games.

Besides legal sports betting near Melbourne, Florida, passengers can also watch teams across the league to determine how that type of game will measure up in an upcoming match.

The SportsBook is adjoined by a full service bar and a lounge area with comfortable seating. The rectangular portholes provide a great view of the Atlantic and ocean scenery. Take a chance by picking uncertain outcomes like which team wins the coin toss, how many fumbles occur in the first quarter, or how many bases are stolen by the Rays. Teaser cards are popular because it all comes down to luck, a familiar quality recognized by gamblers everywhere.

If book is open in Vegas sports books, it’s open in Victory SportsBook, the only legal sports betting near Melbourne, Florida. Just $10 buys the boarding pass for the ship and incredible action. Beat the crowd by calling today to book your place on VCC by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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