The weather has been great all weekend!  The winds were very light, from the south or southeast at 10 kts or less.  The seas were calm and there was only very slight residual seas all weekend.

I just reviewed the forecast for all this week.  It is exactly the same with light south and southeast winds and very little seas predicted.

I would say a great week to come and check us out.
Old saying with some partial truth:  Red skies at night, sailors delight, red skies in morning, sailor take warning…..This was a great little poem that Learned from my Dad….and possibly my Grandfather while growing up on the lobster boats in Maine….Has very little scientific value…..more just an observance….The red comes from  the setting or rising sun of course.  The “prediction” was if there were clouds on the eastern horizon at sunrise this indicated bad weather/wind coming…..and if the clouds were on the western horizon…the bad weather was leaving to the west…..Basically a 50/50 chance of being true….
Well homesick sailors have to have something to discuss and debate on the long weeks away form home…….


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