Good morning everyone…
We have had another fine week of weather for all cruises….also another fine week without hearing the “H” word.  A few more weeks and we will be in the clear from any major Hurricane events.

This weekend also looks great!  We have winds forecast through Sunday evening at 5 kts from the North and Northeast.  This means great weather and cooler temperatures…..don’t expect to see any frost quite yet though……

The seas will be near flat for a perfect ride.  Great time to take the “first” cruise that “Victory Ship you have been hearing so many good things about!!!……
A standard line…..but false …..Did you ever hear the term “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line”….not exactly true…There is only one situation this is 100% True….That is if both those points lie on the equator…..
The nautical term for this is Great Circle Sailing….but in Land-lubbers terms it is really quite simple….the earth is a globe.  So the shortest distance between two points is if you go toward the North or South Pole…where the Earth (globe) is smaller…..
Example:  I was to set a course from Norfolk VA to Gibraltar (which I was a told to do many times) my journey would NOT take me East across the Atlantic…it would take me Northeast up toward Maine….then near the tip of Newfoundland….then just South of Greenland then back down past Ireland and on to Gibraltar….
i.e……in a “great circle”  too much to grasp at 0630 in the morning…
P.S.  This is not a “sea story” does not contain the introductory line….
Come sail with us….
Capt Tim


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