Mondays Cruises were great for weather.  The winds were light from the Northeast and the waves were 1-2 feet.  There was some long distance wave action from the storms that are in the middle of the Atlantic.  This has some slight effect on our overall ride on the turns.

Today the winds are forecast at 15-20 from the Northeast.  The waves are forecast at 4-6 feet.  Since this is a North wind we will operate in Captain’s cove…..The actual conditions in the cove will be 2-3 feet.  We will have a good ride with a slight motion during the turns.

These Northeast winds will drop off to 10-15 by the evening cruise.
We only have a few more weeks of our peak Hurricane season.  Historically this week is the peak for Florida.  Lets keep our collective fingers crossed…..
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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