Relax and Enjoy a Sunset Cruise near Daytona Beach Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsA sunset cruise near Daytona Beach Florida is a wonderful way to start the evening. The colors in the sky are certainly enough to take your breath away! You may have been wondering where to find a cruise that can be completed around midnight and still assure that you’ve had a good time. The answer is just over an hour away at the port in Cape Canaveral.

There’s something special about relaxing on the open deck with a refreshing concoction from the bar. As the sky gradually darkens, lights begin to glimmer from other craft on the water. Watching the scenery on shore fade away as the gaming cruise ship Victory I gets closer to her destination gives the sightseers a peaceful, easy feeling. Soaking up the ambience is good, because the action is just about to start.

Excited conversations about what type of gaming each person wants to play sound throughout all 4 decks of the ship. There’s a quick check of purses, wallets, and pockets while each person locates their Victory Players Card. Points earned from using their card while gaming count for discounts on things like gift shop purchases, drinks, and future bookings on Victory Casino Cruises sunset cruise near Daytona Beach Florida.

Expect to find a friendly crew aboard Victory I. If you’re looking for that special slot machine out of the 600 on board, you’ll be given directions to its location. If you have questions about when you can add to your bet or collect your winnings during table games like Texas Hold ‘Em, 21, and craps, you’ll get a courteous explanation from the dealer or croupier. Stairs and elevators make it convenient to move from deck to deck.

Bet on a game at the SportsBook and watch the action on any of the flat screen TVs hanging from the walls. Go dancing at Club V on Friday and Saturday nights or order a gourmet sandwich to ease your appetite. Reserve your spot on the sunset cruise near Daytona Beach Florida. Call the VCC Cape Canaveral operators today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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