Weekend Weather:

Hello everyone.  We have had a great week for weather other than getting wet a couple times. Seemed like the downpours were on “Q” as I approached the dock daily…Hey but if that is all I have to complain about this week I am a very lucky guy.

There is nothing to talk about for the weekend.  I look at the extended forecast for the next 3 days and all I see is winds 5 or 10 kts….and seas 1/2 feet.  
I am on the bridge right now looking east as we pass “Captains Cove”….no need to go there today…..looking for a change in the scenery…..
I think I will head east for a while and see  what is out there…..ha ha….water just more water…..
More Navigational History:  “Dead Reckoning”.  This was the earliest form of navigation.  In the beginning it was local knowledge….passed down from father to son,  to reach for example “said island”……that if you sailed toward the sunrise..(east) for 2 days you would reach “said Island”…..Basic Navigation…..you have a time…(which with your speed) translates to distance)  and a direction……What more do you need (maybe some skills)…..The only issue would be if you traveled 2-3 days and did not reach “said Island”…..well you weren’t a very good navigator:-!….and years later when you did not return from “said Island” …..people realized this………
Food for thought….
Come sail with us!  I will return from  “said Island” I promise….8-)
Capt Tim


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