The weekend was more typical Florida spring weather with light winds and bright sunshine.  Waves were 1 ft and the ride was smooth.
The rest of the week’s forecast is for light winds 5-10 kts…..this will make for beautiful days for a cruise.  The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be smooth.
Monday was the day for our quarterly USCG inspection. We were required to sail without passengers, but with 4-USCG inspectors.  We were required to demonstrate all aspects of our daily operations.  We also had our entire staff on board.  The USCG inspector would walk around the vessel and simulate a Fire…..a man-overboard,  a terrorist with a gun, and finally the ship sinking……  The Inspectors ranked the crew on how they reacted to each situation…I am proud to say the the crew performed admirably and we are good to go for another 3[-months.
Capt Tim