This week has been a typical summer weather pattern.  Winds in the afternoon, south or southeast and about 10-15 kts.  This makes for bright sunny days and calm seas.  The waves have been 1-2 feet all week and the ride has been great.
This weekend will even be better. We have some light  northerly winds predicted all weekend.  This will make for a cool breeze and  waves 1 ft or less,  as we will operate in Captains Cove.
It will be a beautiful weekend!  come and join us.
Planning our trip:  The crew are getting excited to get the opportunity to take our ship somewhere.  This is a unique operation for a Marine Crew whom are used to taking ships to “other places”.  Many of my crew have been sailing with me for 20 plus years and we have seen many parts of the world.  We do love the job here as we get to go home every night.
Capt Tim