Weather advice from captain Tim
Yesterday was a great day with the weather. The winds were from the south at abut 15 kts but the waves were only 1-2 feet.

Today will be southwest winds 10-15 and diminishing in the afternoon to 5-10. This will make for a beautiful day to be offshore….come and join us! The rest of the week is forecast for light South and southwest winds.

The waves will be 1-2 feet all week. Great time to come and check us out. Shipyard Transit: My crew are getting excited to actually take the ship on a journey……This is a great job for my crew as they are home with family every day.

This is not typical in our chosen career. Normally we are on a ship anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months at a time. Personally my longest haul was 11 months on a tanker during the first Iraq war.

Capt Tim