Monday’s Cruises were a good ride.  We had light winds and waves were 1-2 feet. Made for a nice cruise with little motion.
Today and the rest of the week are forecast as winds 5-10 kts.  The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be great.
The rest of the week will be a great time to cruise….perfect spring weather…..
On Schedule:  We are still trying to get the word out that we are cruising on schedule this week after we got bumped from our dry dock schedule.  We will be going at a later date.  We will keep everyone informed to our schedule.
Come and take advantage of the specials we are running all week….!  And don’t forget our Midnight Madness cruise on Saturday Night….we return to the dock at 1230Am and go back out at 1:30 AM for a free cruise!!
Capt Tim