Yesterday we had the predicted sea breeze from the east at about 15 kts….The waves were about 2-3 ft.  We ran east and west run to keep the waves on the bow and the stern. The ride was good and the day was beautiful sunshine.
Today the breeze is predicted to be the same and then subside this evening.  Sunday just a light breeze is in the forecast. 
All in all it will be a beautiful weekend pick any cruise and come join the fun.
 Schedule Change:  You may have heard by now we “got bumped” from our dry dock.  Ever get bumped from your reservation on an airplane when you are traveling home on a Friday night to be with your family!!  That is about how frustrating it was for us….at the last minute we had to change our entire schedule!!!
What happened:  There was another ship in the dry dock before us.  They had some major problems and had their shift and propellers removed.  This leaves (2) large holes in the ship.  Obviously they can not be put back in the water until this is repaired.
We will schedule or dry dock in the next few weeks.  We will let everyone know though all of our venues…..including your favorite blog!!!
Meanwhile the owner has authorized some great special offers to get you loyal customers on board next week….!!!
-Monday-Thursday  Victory will pay all Port fees and Taxes….This means you sail absolutely free!!
-Players can use their card points for free slot play on Monday and Wednesday up to $100.
-All coupons will be honored this week regardless of date on coupon.
-Tuesday and Thursday we will offer 10X on slot points.
Also don’t forget the “MAIN EVENT”  Our first ever “Midnight Madness Cruise”
-Free boarding to all
-Ladies drink free at Big Norms Club V.
Capt Tim