Hello Everyone,

Today is going to be a great day with winds from the south at 5 kts….there will be some typical fall winds through Thursday at about 15-20 kts and waves 3-4 feet. The weekend looks like it will be great.

Today the winds will be light from the south and waves 2/3 feet. Tonight will be the same and the ride fro the day will be very good.

Tuesday the winds will pick up from the Northeast at 15-20kts and the seas will be 3-4 feet. The ride will be good with some motion on the turns.
Tuesday night will be the same with a good ride and some motion on the turns.

Wednesday the winds will continue from the Northeast at 15-20kts. Seas will be 3-4 feet and the ride will be good with some motion on the turns.
Wednesday night winds and seas will remain the same.

Thursday the winds will start to veer around to the East and drop to 10-15 by the evening cruise. We will see the seas start to subside to 2-3 feet.

Friday and the weekend looks like East winds at 10-15 and the waves will be subsiding through the weekend.

Come Sail with us!
Capt Tim


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