Hello Everyone,

We had a good weather weekend with light winds and seas only 2-3 feet. Had a good ride and good weather all weekend.

This week will be starting out with ideal weather.

Today winds will be light and variable and the seas will be about 2 feet. Tonight winds will be Southeast at 5-10 and the waves less than two feet.

Tuesday winds will be Southwest at 10-15 with waves about 2 feet and the ride will be good.
Tuesday night we will get some Northwest winds at 10-15……The air should at least feel a little cooler…..

Wednesday winds will be west at 5-10 kts. Should make for a beautiful day with seas about 1 foot.
Wednesday night the winds will back to Southwest at about 5-10kts.

Thursday winds will again be 10-15 from the West with Seas at 1-2 feet….
Thursday night winds will veer to Northeast at about 5-10kts and seas 1-2 feet.


Autumnal Equinox: How do we determine the exact moment that “Fall” occurs. Fall always occurs about Sept 21-22. Fall officially begins when the sun on its constant journey from north to south on our horizon. This is when it actually passes the Equator on its journey South. Actually the Sun isn’t the one moving. It is the Earth tipping toward or away form the Sun as It makes its annual orbit around the Sun.

So September 21 and March 21 is the only 2 days during the year that the sun actually rises in the east and sets in the west…..and this is only if you are sitting on the Equator to watch it……

The big myth….You are always taught that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West…..this is not true, at least most of the time:-[….So you think Capt Tim has finally lost it…..:-!..Not so fast….FACT: The sun only rises in the east and sets in the west 2 times per year at any given point on earth. Furthermore if you live North or South of 23.5 degrees north or south ….The Sun NEVER rises or sets in the East and West……Think about that as you are sipping your coffee….I just accused your first grade teacher of misinformation…..

Come Sail with us!

Capt Tim

Come sail with us…..


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