Hello Everyone,

The weekend weather as predicted was uneventful. We had a great weekend with a lot of happy guests….

This week again is unchanged……

Today will be east winds about 10kts and seas 1-3 feet. The ride will be good.

Tonight will be East winds 10-15 with a good ride.


Tuesday Will be East  winds 10-15 with seas 2-3 feet and the ride will be good….

Tuesday night again East winds with seas 2-3 feet.

Wednesday will be East winds 10-15 all day and night with seas 2-3 feet…The ride will be very good….

Thursday winds will shift to Northeast 10-15 and subsided to 10 kts from the east by the evening cruise.

The weekend looks to be shaping up for great weather as well…..

The “Trades”: Well there was a theory and the early explorers, notably Columbus decided to take a chance and check it out.  If the Doldrums was an area of low pressure (10-15 degrees latitude north and south of the Equator) well there must be a corresponding area of high pressure on either side that would create constant winds blowing from the high pressure area to the low pressure area…..The Trades were discovered!.  They lie in an area from 20-30 degrees north and south of the Equator.  They are considered the most consistent of winds on earth.  They blow a constant speed and direction for days and weeks at a time…..

Historians agree that weather phenomenon contributed greatly to Columbus’s successful voyage to the New World…..

But….why do the trades blow Northeast and Southeast on either side of the Equator….and not directly North and South….????  Could it be the Coriolis effect….?

Better look it up Bloggers….word of the week….

More brain tinglers later….

Come sail with us!

Capt Tim


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