Hello Everyone,

This weeks weather pattern is looking like a mirror image of last week……Light winds and beautiful summer Doldrums weather….

Today the winds will be Northeast at 10-15kts and the seas will be 1-2 feet.
Tonight east winds at 10-15 seas 1-2 feet.

Tuesday winds forecast for East 5-10kts seas 1-2 feet The same is forecast for the night cruise….

Wednesday winds forecast for Southeast at 5-10kts and the waves to be 1-2 feet.
Wednesday night winds will be 10kts and dropping to light and variable by the end of the night. Seas calm to glassy.

Thursday winds will be Southeast 5-10kts and waves 1-2 feet.
Thursday Night Southeast winds at 10kts dropping to light and variable by midnight….

The holiday weekend is shaping up to be a great time to come sail with us and enjoy some of our Labor Day events..!!

The Doldrums: This is a nautical weather term the was the demise of many early sailors. This means an large Ocean area where there is generally no wind and overcast showery skies sometimes for days and weeks at a time. In the days of the early explorers like Magellan and Columbus this was a feared phenomenon and was not understood. Many ships and their crews would come to a standstill with no wind. They would run out of food and water and would perish…….

Although I say we are in “doldrum like” conditions…Meteorologist later discovered the reason this occurs…and only in a specific area of the world….(not Florida)

More later….

Capt Tim…..


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