Hello Everyone,            
This week is going to be a good  week  here in Canaveral. The Winds will start out gusty from the east  and then work there way to the North and Northwest by weeks end.  The seas will begin the week at 3-5 feet and then slowly subside through the week.   At this moment the seas are 4 feet at the 3-mile buoy.                           

Wednesday the winds will be Northeast at 10-15kts.  The seas will be about 3-4 feet. The ride will be good.  


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Wednesday night the winds will be Northeast at 10-15kts. The seas will be 3-4feet and the ride will be good.
Thursday the winds will be Northeast at 10-15kts. The seas will be 2-3 feet and the ride will be good.  Thursday night the winds will be Northeast 5-10kts. The seas will be 2-3 feet and the ride will be good.
Friday the winds will be North at 10kts. The seas will be 2-3 feet. and the ride will be very good.  Friday night the winds will be Northwest at 5-10kts. The seas will be 2-3 feet and the ride will be very good.
Good week to come sail with us.
Captain Tim 


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