Hello Everyone,
This week has been a great weather week until Today!.  As I look outside I see the blustery south winds and some pretty heavy rains.

Today the winds will be South at about 20kts and the seas at the 3 mile buoy right now are 3.5 feet.  The seas in our operating area will average 3-5 feet today and we will have some motion during the cruise.  We will travel south along the beach and stay near the 3 mile limit.  This will allow us to limit the turns during the trip to 2-3 turns.  There will be some moderate motion on the turns. 
If you are prone to motion sickness this is a great day to visit out players club and try our Sea-Bands.  We are getting very good feed back from our customers on the effectiveness of these bands.
The good news is that the winds and seas will be coming down on Friday and Saturday we will be back South and east winds of 5-10 kts.
It will be a great weekend….so don’t change your plans to come and take a cruise with us!!!
Capt Tim 


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