Hello Everybody,

We have had a good week this week for cruising. The winds have been light and the waves below 2 feet.  These are great conditions for a smooth ride.

The forecast is for this to continue through Sunday.
Today the winds are a  cool and crisp Northwest wind again at 15 kts.  The waves are only 2ft as always we are protected from these Northerly’s. The winds will be dropping to 5 kts this afternoon and tonight.  This will create ideal conditions and the waves will drop to 1 ft or less.  It will be a perfect afternoon and evening.
Friday will see light east winds at 5-10 kts. The seas will be 1-2 ft and the ride will be very good. Friday night winds will start to swing to the south but still only 10 about 10-15kts….waves will be about 1-2 ft.  The ride will be very good all day  Friday.
Saturday the winds will swing to the South at about 10-15.  Waves will be 2ft and the ride will be very good. 
FIRST DAY OF SPRING!  In the astronomical world this is much more than a day on the calendar.  This is the day the sun crosses the equator on its track to the northern Hemisphere….actually the sun does not move at all.  This is the day that the North Pole starts to tip toward the sun and signals that the northern hemisphere will start to receive more sunshine and yes…..SUMMER…will come next….on June 21!
-This is one of two days that the daylight time exactly matches the darkness time.
-One of two days during the year that the sun actually rises in the East and sets in the West at the Equator.
-In fact this only happens twice a year at any point on the earth between the Tropic of Cancer in the north and Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere.
-North and South these two global marks it never happens at all……
Sun never rises in the East nor sets in the West!!!……Capt Tim has finally lost his mind…..:)…..better get another cup of coffee…
More later…
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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