Hello Everyone,

The ride on yesterday’s cruises was excellent and guests can expect the same conditions today and 

Wednesday as the forecast will remain the same; sunny with a slight breeze. Current conditions at the 3-mile buoy 

are averaging 3 feet and the predominant winds are from the Southeast between 10 to 15 knots.

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A late spring cold front will move in on Thursday and our chance for rain will increase significantly. After the front passes, winds will shift around from the North at around 10 knots and the sea conditions will diminish to 2 feet or less. That means things are shaping up for a beautiful May weekend.

Also, a Delta IV rocket is scheduled to lift off from the Cape just after sunset at 8:08 pm on Thursday. If the weather holds, the Victory 1 provides a great vantage point to view the launch. Check back later this week for more details on this weekend’s weather. In the meantime, come out and sail with us!

Capt. Tim


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