Hello Everyone,

Nothing to say about the weather this week accept for Perfect!! The westerly winds all weekend have knocked down the seas. 

At this moment the waves at the 3-mile weather buoy are less than one toot.  

The forecast for the entire week shows winds of less than 10kts. It will be a great week!

Today the winds will be Southwest at 5kts. Tuesday evening the winds will shift to the Southeast at 5-10kts.

The ride will be very good all week!

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph the seas have dropped to near calm due the the westerly winds all weekend…..with no significant winds forecast all week…

the seas will remain 2 feet or less all week within our operating area……

Wednesday the winds will be South at 5-10kts. Wednesday night the winds will be Southeast at 5-10kts.

Thursday the winds will be Southeast at 10-15kts for the day and night cruises.

Friday….more of the same South winds at 10-15 Kts.

Great week to come and sail with us!!

Capt Tim


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