Wednesdays Cruises were a challenge to give everyone a good ride.  The easterly winds were up to 20-25 kts and the waves slowly built to 5-6 ft.  We ran East and West and kept the motion to an easy pitch. Pitch is an up and down motion rather than a rolling motion.  We made announcments when we turned to reverse course but the turns only take 2-3 minutes and they went very well….
Today the winds have come down to 10-15…today will be a very good ride.  The forecast is for a very nice weekend with winds back down to 5-10 kts and waves 1-3 feet.   Come join us!!
Weather Blog goes public!!  Friday morning I go public with my weather Blog.  You can watch me on channel 27 between 7-9am fro a short segment talking about our cruises and of course the weather. We will make this a weekly segment….we will keep you posted here…
I think I have these Weather Guys worried!!!  Makeup! Action! Cameras!  8-)
Capt Tim