Thursday was another fine day…summer like conditions…light winds and 1-2 ft waves…..makes for a boring weather blog ….but a great cruise….
Friday and Saturday forecasts are for south and southwest winds 5-10kts and then 10-15kts as the front passes.  This will not effect us and will have a good ride both days.
Sunday forecast is for 20-25kts….not to worry.  Here we go back to Captains Cove….the winds will be from the North and Northwest…..we will be totally protected….just bring a sweater.
A little humor and reason with the USCG: I thought this a little humorous and gave the USCG credit for being reasonable after all: We had our bi-annual demonstration of our (ESS) Evacuation Slide System last Tuesday.  The USCG was on hand to observe.  We deployed the slide and one life raft and sent a few of our crew members down the slide….The demonstration went very well and the USCG comment was that we should have the passengers take off their shoes before boarding…..This  to prevent damage  to the slide or raft from heels ect….I asked them to visualize 1000-1400 pairs of shoes scattered about the decks and hallways leading to the rafts…..we would have people tripping and stumbling toward the rafts…..we then would be treating banged up knees and twisted ankles…..After some thought and debate we all agreed we would ask the ladies to remove any high heeled or sharp heeled shoes….a reasonable compromise and  credit to our Men in Blue….
Capt Tim