For Thursdays cruises we again enjoyed the perfect Florida spring weather.  Light Southeast winds, waves 1-2 feet and bright, warm Florida sunshine. We had over 1000 customers join us to enjoy the finest Casino cruise in Florida. Don’t miss the fun.  Come check us out!!
Today and this weekend is going to be more of the same…..Forecast is for light winds and waves 1-2 feet in  Captains Cove.
Crew Safety Training:  I am always professing that US Flag and US crewed ships are the safest and most professionally operated ships in the world.  The Training required by the USCG is required not only of the Captain and officers but all the way down the line to our entry level housekeepers and food handlers.  These positions are required to have special training in “Crisis Control and Crowd Management”. Victory Casino actually rents a classroom at the Cape Canaveral Fire Academy. We bring in a USCG certified Instructor to run the course for our employees.  This course teaches our people how to handle a crisis and large groups of passengers in the case of and emergency on board.  This ensures our people have the training and knowledge to prevent a disaster like the one that took place in Italy several months ago.
We keep you safe!!
Capt Tim