Magical Memories Begin with a Day Cruise in Cape Canaveral

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsHumankind’s curiosity about the sky above and ocean below is partially satisfied by experiencing flight and sailing. Why not take a couple of days out of your busy schedule to find out what entices travelers to the air and sea? Get the adventure started with an Atlantic day cruise in Cape Canaveral Florida with Victory Casino Cruises. Complete the experience the next day touring the Air Force Space and Missile History Center.

Games of dice and cards aboard the high seas are centuries old. There was little to do for entertainment or relaxation when the workday was over. Ships were often small and crowded, but the games used space that was already available, commonly a table. They provided a way to keep the sailors, and on some ships, the passengers, distracted from long days and nights at sea.

Today’s sea-going ventures, including the 5-hour Victory I day cruise in Cape Canaveral, are definitely more pleasant, exciting, and sophisticated! Roomy tables with attractive felt coverings and markings are easier to access from comfortable chairs. Gamers can relax and enjoy the action of Blackjack, EZ Bac, and several versions of poker. There’s plenty of room for standing by the Craps and Roulette tables. There’s never a need to miss the roll of the dice!

Certainly the cruise is a delightful adventure on its own. Enjoy your favorite drinks on the open deck while admiring the ocean view. A set of fine chefs prepare spectacular food for the buffet and a la carte menu. Wine, dine, and advance to any of the 600 modern slot machines aboard VCC’s four-deck ship!

Remember to build your own rewards by using your Victory Players Card while gaming. It’s an opportunity for members to earn perks such as free or discounted boarding passes and meals. Enjoy the best of modern sailing any day of the week aboard VCC’s day cruise in Cape Canaveral. Book your adventure today by contacting the Victory team at 855-GO-VICTORY.



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