Lucy Iris
Victory Casino will have the opportunity to catch the powerhouse vocals of Lucy Iris on Thursday, December 17th on the PM cruise in Big Norm’s Club V. Iris, the former winner of the internationally known Colgate Country Music Showdown, recently spent several months in Nashville writing and recording music before returning to live in Brevard full-time.

Lucy Iris is a Southern American born international recording artist. Her vocal presence blends her performance experiences and appreciation of pop, country, gospel, and indie styles of music. At the age of 18, she showcased her first original work on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Her first international release was in the European dance market which prompted her move to The Netherlands. She spent a long string of years in Amsterdam working on her writing skills and released a fully original album, “Silver Lining”, which included a top 10 chart topper “Dear Diary”. She is currently working on a raw, pop, soul album with new material that she is already weaving into her live performances such as Blowin’ Smoke, Ball and Chain, and Send My Baby. Her tender, exposed style is striking and speaks the language of a well-travelled heart.

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