Day One: Everything go off to a great start!  We actually cleared the Jetty’s at port Canaveral about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. We threaded our way around the Canaveral Shoals to the east and headed North about 2100 (9pm) last night.
The winds were Southeast all night at about 10-15kts.  They were on our stern so we picked up a little speed from this.  My voyage plan called for an average speed of 8 kts.  We made  8.2 kts all night so we are looking good. About midnight I turned the watch over to the chief mate and caught some sleep….the V-club couches are pretty comfortable when you have been up for 20 hours…..:).
I arrived back on the bridge at 0600 to relieve the watch……beautiful sunrise on the eastern horizon…..peaceful and quiet with a following sea…..yes sometimes I miss this job……ha….you always forget the mornings when you get up…even though you cant stand up….the winds are 40kts and directly on the beam… make a round to see what crashed or got broken in the night… check to see how far BEHIND schedule you are….You wonder how Pissed the owner is going to be because you are behind schedule and it is all your fault!!!!  Ok now I remember why I DON’T miss it……just needed the caffeine to kick in…..LOL…..
Just checked with the Shipyard…..The dry dock is ready and we will be on time…..a good way to start the day…
Capt Tim