Fridays cruises again enjoyed great summer weather. The winds were light in the morning and then onshore 10-12 in afternoon. Waves were 1-2 feet so the ride was very calm.

Today will be more of the same pattern.  The ride will be smooth so a great day to come and join us for our 1-year anniversary celebration.  Visit our dock Tiki-Bar featuring FREE Music, Hot dogs and Burgers,  popcorn and more…..Join the fun on the dock prior to boarding for an anniversary cruise!

More weather stuff:  The onshore winds that I talked about in yesterdays blog is also responsible for another local weather condition that we all know well as a summer time phenomena.  The afternoon thunder showers…..Florida is unique as it has two coasts.  The same onshore winds are set up on both coasts.  These two very warm very moist winds eventually clash in central Florida and create a mass of very unstable, moisture laden air…..Once the relative humidity reach’s 100% This water has to go somewhere….
Come sail with us,
Capt Tim


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