Fridays cruises were perfect summer weather…light winds and near calm seas. Both cruises were a very smooth ride.
The rest of the weekend will be the same…The forecast calls for light winds from the south and southwest….the waves will be 1-2 feet.
The ride will be smooth all weekend!
Benefits of the Dry dock period….: The Captains must adjust….We see a big difference in the Victory 1 ship handling now that we have a clean bottom with a fresh coat of paint. Of course the first thing we notice is the speed.  We have gained about 1.5 kts in speed at the same RPM’s on the engines.  This has allowed us to gain about 15-20 min of  “Open Time” on each cruise….we open quicker and close later….and still maintain the same departure and arrival times….
The other interesting result from ship maneuver point is the change in the “head reach” of the vessel. This is where the Captain has to make a major adjustment when maneuvering the vessel in close quarters…A ship does not have brakes……so the Captain has to “see ahead” of the vessel….that is make plans in advance on every move…this means knowing or anticipating what the vessel will do in the future when you do something now….”head reach” is a very important characteristic…..this is the distance and rate the ship will travel when you stop the engines……now you more nautical inclined people may say….nahhh…you just put her in reverse…..I say….”not so fast”…:)….tune in tomorrow…
Come sail with us…
Capt Tim


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