First day back to work! Good time to do a real time weather update.  We are 4 miles off the beach with very light southerly winds. The waves are 1-2 feet form the southwest. The ride is great. We are running east and west and keeping the small seas on our bow and stern.

Tonight’s cruise will be the same….good night to come check us out!

Things to do In Maine:  I spent my vacation in Maine visiting with family.  Of course one of the first things you must do upon arrival is eat Maine lobster (Lobstas in Maine language) . I was raised in the Lobster business so of course I went to visit some old lobsterman friends to get a “good deal”.  Lobsters were at $2.00 per pound…wow…cheaper than hot dogs…..I had a large cooler and simply told him to “fill her up”  ended up with about 50 lobsters for about $100 bucks…..invited all my friends and family and had a good old fashion lobster feed!
Come sail with us….
Capt Tim


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