We had some squalls on Tuesday’s cruise, however the winds were mostly from the north so we were protected from most of the seas.  Waves only got up to 2-3 ft and the ride was good. 

 Today looks like more of the same with winds 10-15 kts winds and some showers.  Waves will be 1-3 ft again but we will be able to keep a good ride by running to the north and keeping under Cape Canaveral inside our operating area.

 Did You Know:  US flag (Victory 1) are the most regulated ships and ships crews in the world.  The USCG come on board every 3-months for and official inspection of the vessel.  They also show up from time to time unannounced to check on us.  When they are on board they also check the credentials of all crew members to make sure that they are not only qualified, but have all the required training classes.

 The USCG must protect the passengers and crew so US flag Ships are the safest and most professionally operated ships in the world!

 Capt Tim