Friday was a bit of a overcast gray day…with the winds at 15-18 kts. The seas (waves) were from the east and built to 3-4 ft.  We were able to maintain a very minimum “pitch” motion by running east and west “into and away from the seas”….The only time we felt any “rolling”  was when we made our turns which generally lasted about 2-3 minutes…..
Today the forecast is for 10-15 kts from the east and subsiding through the day.  The waves will be from the east 2-3 ft and subsiding….We will have a great ride and a beautiful afternoon….
Tonight will be near calm for a beautiful Saturday night cruise!
Super Bowl Sunday…..Southerly winds 5 kts…..Come and place your bets at the Sports Book.
Did You Know:  On yesterday’s day cruise we had some corporate VIP’s riding to check us out….making sure our guests were happy and being treated like royalty….don’t forget your comment cards…THEY DO READ THEM….Of course tell them how much you love my blog….8-)
 Capt Tim