Yesterday (Thursday) was another great day on the ocean at Cape Canaveral.  Winds were light  and seas were only 1-2 ft out for the east. The ship had very little motion during both cruises.
We have east winds 15-20 kts today in the forecast.  Seas will be 2-3 ft in our operating area. At this moment here in Port Canaveral there is only a very light east wind.  So the forecast may be a little exaggerated today.  We will run east and west today on both trips.  This will mean what motion there is for the vessel will be a “pitch” motion.  (see my blog yesterday where i explain pitch).
Nautical Terms:  “Roll” “Pitch” is the motion forward and aft through the vessel as explained yesterday.  “Roll” is the side to side motion of the ship.  We try to avoid a rolling motion as this is what effects most passengers that are prone to motion sickness.  We have the luxury of not having to go anywhere during our cruise.  Therefore we can pick what direction to steer.  When we arrive at our operating area the first thing I will analyze is the direction of the waves….I will always pick a course that will minimize or eliminate the “roll” motion of the ship.
Capt Tim