Yesterday was a blustery day with winds from the North at 20 kts…..Still a good ride for us as we stayed in Captains cove all day. The waves were 1-2 ft.
Today the winds will be East at 15 kts.  Seas will be 2-3 ft. We will run East and West today keeping the waves on our bow and then the stern.  Will be a good ride with slight pitch motion.
It is a gray cloudy day here in Port Canaveral this morning.  Good day to come and enjoy our warm coffee and our excellent buffet!
Ship Fact:  Victory 1 has (2) very large 4 bladed propellers. They are located about 40 ft apart near the stern and turn at a rate of  210 revolutions per minute when we are moving full ahead. They are built of a special metal which is a hardened brass. We get to polish them during Drydock periods but we have them cleaned by Divers twice a year!
Capt Tim