Thursday’s weather was again perfect. Light winds and calm seas….nothing to report. Just that everyone had a great cruise in the Florida sunshine.
This morning it is glassy calm looking out to sea from the bridge of the Victory 1.  It is peaceful here now.  Only the early morning prep-cooks working in the galley. Soon our 100 plus team members will be streaming on board to get ready for the day and to provide the finest casino cruise in Florida!
Today will again be light breezes and calm seas…..Hmmm….likely wander out of Captain’s Cove again today….:decisions,  decisions where to go…:)
Did You know:  Electric Power:  Victory 1 has an in-house (or in hull) power plant.  We have separate diesel engines dedicated to producing the electricity we need to run the entire ship.  These are also the size of a large SUV (Chevy Tahoe) and are located next to the main propulsion engines in the main engine room. Each one is connected to a large generator that produces 750KW of power. We only have to run one of these at a time.  The entire ship draws about 640KW of power in normal operation.
Capt Tim