Bingo advertisement for Victory Casino Cruises

Join us every afternoon as Victory Casino Cruises now offers Bingo daily.
Bingo starts at 2:00 PM Monday through Saturday and at 3:00 PM on Sundays.
We also offer Bingo on select night cruises.

Bingo buy ins start at $30.00 for the entire 1 hour session. We play 5 two part games,
plus one final cover all game. There is a guarentee of $750.00 for every session.

However, it could get much better than that. We offer the best cover all game in Bingo.
Anyone who hits bingo in 55 numbers or less will win $1000.00. But thats not the best part.
If you hit a bingo in say 51 numbers, not only will you win the $1000, we will continue to call all the way to 55 numbers.
What this means is someone else could also win $1000 or even better you could win again if you have multiple cards.
There is no sharing the $1000 prize and we could have multiple winners every game.

Check out our new technology. We are using Video King’s state of the art Tablets. While bingo is called from the 4th deck
up in Big Norm’s Club V, Bingo may be played anywhere on the ship. You may take your tablet with you to the Dolphin Bar,
down to any of our table games, watch sporting events in our sportsbook, or play any of our more than 600 slot machines
all while playing bingo at the same time.

The machine will auto daub your numbers. When you win, the money will be credited to your machine.
When the bingo session is over take your receipt upstairs to cash in your winnings.

Maybe you will be our next Bingo Winner.


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