Check Out this Floating Nightclub in the Orlando Area

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThere’s a new nightclub in the Orlando area that’s literally making waves. Located in Cape Canaveral, this flagship of Victory Casino Cruises departs for a 5-hour Atlantic tour twice every day. Victory I has spiced up the Florida nightlife by offering a vast selection of activities in one central location! If you’ve been searching for something fun to do that doesn’t involve a long drive or time commitment, here are some of the things that passengers enjoy on the evening voyage.

Gaming doesn’t start till the ship crosses a certain point of the ocean. After the excitement of the departure has worn off, take time out for a delicious meal. VCC has a buffet and carving station sit down meal that can be reserved at the same time you reserve the date and time of your cruise. If a la carte is more your style, there’s a full menu to strike anyone’s interest. A Chef Salad, Hebrew National hot dog, and prime rib sandwich are just three examples of what’s available.

Another thing you’ll find at the Orlando area new nightclub is entertainment. Examples include an Elvis impersonator, live bands, and some doo wop music! DJ Karaoke is always a winning activity. You’ll find some of the amateurs are good enough to be professionals as they render their version of favorite songs. Some nights offer a free sample of favorite alcoholic beverages like margaritas.

Who says your special day doesn’t matter? Join Victory’s crew and passengers for a Birthday Bash during your birth month. The event is a monthly occurrence and a fantastic way to demonstrate how much VCC appreciates passengers! Slot and video poker machines are open every evening. You’ll also find live action table games like Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, baccarat, and blackjack!

Drop by the Sportsbook for an idea of the different sporting events available for wagering. If Vegas is making book on a game, Victory can write the ticket! This new nightclub is drawing more attention every day. Since the ship can only carry 1200 passengers, it’s important to pick the day and time you want to sail and book your reservations as soon as possible. Call today and set your date for fun in the Orlando area by calling 855-GO-VICTORY.



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