Today the the forecasters are saying “Tropical Storm Conditions Possible.”  Sunday’s PM Cruise is cancelled.

Saturday’s cruises were the first weather we had seen for quite a while.  The winds were Northeast at about 15-18kts. The seas got up to about 4-5 feet by the end of the night. The waves were actually from two directions which made keeping ride smooth a challenge on the night cruise.  The Ride turned out to be fair to moderate motion by the end of the cruise.

Today the the forecasters are saying “Tropical Storm Conditions Possible”  I think this is a bit of a hype as the actual forecast is for 18-20kts from the east.  The seas will be confused due to the changing directions.  We will have some motion on the ride.  The waves will be 4-6 feet.  We will be turning about 2 times per hour in Captains Cove this is when you will feel the maximum motion.  There turns last about 2 minutes.

Don’t forget we have C-band wrist bands available for sale or you can pick them up at Walgreens.  These work very well against motion sickness and will help ensure you have an enjoyable cruise.
We will be monitoring closely the motion of Issac and how it may effect changes in our weather.
Please call and check with our reservations line about Monday’s sailings.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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