Thursdays cruises were uneventful with weather…..Again summer pattern of light winds in the morning and onshore winds and/or thundershowers in the afternoon.

This does not affect our ride comfort as the waves and seas never get time to build.

Friday and Saturday look good with some Northeast winds predicted wit the FAR OFF effects of Issac.  (see below)  We have predictions of 10-15 kts NE and the seas in our operating area will only be 2-3 feet.  (on the national broadcasts you will see 5-6 feet…remember this is up to 20 miles offshore.  We will go back to our wintertime spot….Captains Cove….and we will see 2-3 feet.  The ride will be good an we will keep the waves on our bow and stern.
Issac Update:  Maybe I should go to work for the Hurricane Center?  If you read my last blogs you will see I predicted that the storm would get ripped apart by the mountains in Cuba and then reform and move up through the Gulf of Mexico as a CAT 1 storm at best…..well last night they changed their  “look out Florida” hype to match my prediction.  It also looks like Issac may shift further to the west and head for Texas….By this evening I think we will see this shift.  If this happens we will have NO EFFECT at all here on the East coast of Florida….
I will continue to watch this closely and give you my best predictions for the forecast in CAPTAINS COVE….so stay tuned right here…
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim….


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