Yesterdays trips were more of the same peaceful summer weather and throw in a few afternoon thunder showers. The winds were light all day and then picked up with the thundershowers.  All this was very localized so the waves were small and the ride was very good.

Today will be more of the same weather.  So the winds will be light and the seas near calm. Great ride all day.

Issac Update:  The media is into the “hype the news mode” on TS Issac.  It is barely a tropical storm at 40 kts. Not close to a Hurricane yet.  I am watching it very closely and will make all the appropriate decisions to protect the safety of our passengers, our crew, and our ship.
It is still very early to predict anything….but my best educated guess is that it will move up into the Gulf on Mexico close to the West Coast of Florida.  This will likely cause us some storm winds and rain…..Again….this is just a guess at this point….a prediction will come as it gets closer in the next couple of days….
Come sail with us…
Capt Tim


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